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Dojo Point Prize Menu


Cashing in DOJO POINTS- Menu Options      

updated on 05/16/2022


Dojo Form Link:

Google Form to Cash in DOJO Points



  • Positive Phone Call
  • Shout Outs on the Website and entry into Friday Raffle
  • Number Charms 10,20, 30 etc and many Other charms to choose from.
  • Buttons or ribbon or trophy 
  • 5 Points- Access to the Monthly Soldo Flea Market (in person- last Friday of the month)
  • Submit 2  jokes  for the Principal's Announcement

25 points:

  • Hang out with a Library Reading Buddy (Stuffed Animal) for an hour; take a picture and get a prize!
  • Trip to Claw Machine
  • Student Store Grab Bag
  • Your own section in the All-Star Student Blast
  • Trip to the sticker machine for you and a friend.
  • A bag of stickers

50 points:

  • Make Glitter Bottle with JTD!
  • Twitter Post Dedicated to you from the school staff and principal
  • Student Store Grab Bag Prize Bag - double the fun.

75  points:

  • School Swag Bag filled with Art Supplies!
  • Coloring and Drawing Group (Art Supplies Provided)

100 points:

  • Pass for Extra Recess for you and 2 friends.
  • Lego Building group- up to 4 friends
  • Pokemon Card Club w/ Mrs. Parker and 2 friends, AND a goodie bag  AND sticker machine
  • Popsicle Party for 4
  • School Swag:  Tshirt

150 points:

  • Assistant: To the front office and to the Principal for 2 hours!
  • Trip to the p.e closet to choose FUN = 4 total people for an extra 20 min recess
  • Dance Party for up to 6 people in the cafeteria - goodie bag included - Mrs. Parker provides a treat!
  • Helper in another classroom for 75 minutes.

 200 points:

  • Special time on the Play Structure with 4 friends TAG INCLUDED
  • Special Appointment at the Student Store
  • Trip to the Office Prize Area SHOP AROUND!

 300 points:

  • Principal’s Choice - me - it will be good
  • Super Star Box!

400 points:

  • School Hoodie